I come from a family of wordsmiths, so it was a bit of a detour to focus on acting for so many years, but I survived with some great stories to tell. I’ve just finished my first novel, The Artful Execution of Plan B. Even though it’s about women in their forties whose lives are unravelling in both comic and tragic ways and is set in Hollywood and the Midwest, where I live now, I promise you I never actually tried to have my dog assassinated (that you can prove).

In addition to working on a new novel, Mommy Mafia, I’m developing scripts for tv and film and writing the occasional blog.

On TV, you may have seen me in multiple soap operas and network series over the years, from “Guiding Light” to “Charmed,” as well as in commercials, sci-fi films and sitcoms. I’ve written, produced and performed in my own theater productions as well, and done voice over acting for TV and film. Here’s my imdb.com page for details.

Here are a couple ancient clips for your amusement and/or viewing pleasure: